The queen is a lucky single honeybee. They hatch from fertilized eggs and feed on royal jelly as a larva and continue to feed on it for their entire life time.

Type Egg Larva Cell Capped Pupa Developmental Period Start of Fertility Size Hatching Weight
Queen 3 Days 8 1/2 Days 7 1/2 Days 8 Days 16 days 23 days and up 18-22mm nearly 200mg

Queens either are killed by other queens or go off in a swarm.

Queens are identified by their significantly larger abdomens. Beekeepers, however, usually mark their bees with the chart below.

Color codes for queen marking:

Color Year ends in
White 1 or 6
Yellow 2 or 7
Red 3 or 8
Green 4 or 9
Blue 5 or 0

The queen's main function is to lay eggs for the hive. The queen is the mother to most, if not all, the bees in the hive.